Become A Partner - Wholesale Program Partners buy from us with wholesale discounts. This enables our partners (or distributors) to sell Alkaline Anytime brand products with good profit margins. This partnership is a good fit for small business retailers, online retailers, multi location chain stores, and distributors. To inquire about our Wholesale Program email us at sales@goliathmaximus.com Please include at minimum, the information listed below. For qualified individuals and businesses only.

(Important Notice - the minimum order quantity for our wholesale program: 10 units per product with a 20 product minimum order.)

Other required information:

First Name

Last Name Email

Address with Country You Live In

Company Name

Brand Name of Your Current Products

Website Countries where you sell or do business.

Include a list or outline of your company’s experience a\s a retailer or distributor

Which products are you interested in?

Where do you intend to sell our products?

Yearly Sales Revenue in 2020.

Quantity of the product(s) you want to order?

Wholesale Discount Percentage Expected?

When would you like to begin the Wholesale Program?

How you plan on paying for Wholesale Orders. (Further information will be required in future correspondence)