About Us

Enjoy Crisp, Clean, Healthy, Great Tasting Water With America's Best Alkaline Water Filters.

Alkaline Anytime is the trademarked brand of Goliath Maximus Products, LLC. (GMP) is an industry leader in water filtration and clean water technologies specializing in alkaline water, alkaline filters, alkaline water bottles, alkaline pitchers and much more.

Premium Quality • American Innovative Technology • Super Easy Set-Up • Very Convenient & Affordable

  • Fast Alkaline Filters, increase water alkalinity up to pH 10 in minutes!
  • Removes chemicals, toxins, chlorine, fluoride, & heavy metals 
  • Adds 20+ healthy minerals 

Our super long-life filters deliver huge savings, while helping our planet by eliminating thousands of single use and non reusable plastic water bottles per filter. 

Great Quality, Made in the USA Filters and Products using only the finest premium materials! 

Goliath Maximus Products, (GMP) is a leader in innovation and advanced filtration technology. We invented The World’s First Keurig Compatible Alkaline Charcoal Water Filter Cartridge! 


Help Save The Planet 

Alkaline Anytime’s Water Filter Pouches were especially invented to Eliminate Non Reusable Plastic Bottles by giving consumers a Great Filter that fits in any bottle!