Become an Affiliate

 Become a GMP Affiliate- Earn Extra Cash for simply referring people to one of our Stores. When your referral then buys an Alkaline Anytime product, at a discount, you earn a commission. Throughout the launch of Alkaline Anytime we have had some great new customers refer our products. We're genuinely thankful that our customers enjoy our products and find value in saving money and saving the environment. We still need to get the message out about Alkaline Anytime so we're happy to announce our New Affiliate Program. When you become a ‘GMP Affiliate’ you can earn a nice commission on each deal you refer to us. To make this truly simple and gimik free, we assign you an Affiliate ID#, generate unique "Coupon Codes" for you and we track your codes. When your referral code is used, the customer gets a discount and you get a 15%-20% Commission! This makes it simple for you and for us.


1. Become an affiliate by emailing us at the email below and we will email you our Affiliate sign up form.

2. We'll give you your own special custom Affiliate ID and Coupon Code, so you can start earning commissions immediately. Give the Coupon Code to anybody you like, and any place you like (eg, social media, email, web-based media.)

3. When somebody uses your custom "code" it will be tracked on one of our sales platforms, at that point your referral gets a 5% to 10% off discount to buy any product, including some items on sale. At the point when the referral makes a purchase, you will earn 10% to 20% commission depending on how you structure your Affiliate program. A. Standard B. Customer Friendly C. Advocate

4. As an Affiliate you can determine your program, the coupon customer discount for the buyer and the commission level each referral makes. Choose the (1.) standard 5% discount and 15% commission, or choose a more (2.) customer friendly program and give the referral a 10% discount and receive a 10% commissions or choose the (3.) advocate program. The advocate is more interferested in the cause of eliminating plastic bottles, saving the environment and saving money for everyday people. This program gives a 15% customer discount and pays out a modest 5% commission.

5. All Affiliates are updated on Coupon Redemptions monthly and commissions are paid monthly. (a $50 minimum commission total is needed for a payment. Commission earnings roll over from month to month, so as soon as $50 is achieved, a payment will be issued that cycle.)


You post your Coupon Code on your facebook page or where you would like. Tell your friends about the great Alkaline Anytime products. Example: One of your friends decides to use the code. They go to one of our Amazon, Etsy or Shopify stores. (you decide when you post the code which platform has the best chance of friends, family or followers to buy) They use your code. Your referral buys a Box of Alkaline Filter pouches and a Stainless Pitcher. His or her total is $54.94. You are a standard affiliate so your commission for this sale is $8.25. The more people use your code, the more commissions you make. It’s that simple.